Why I love contemporary fiction

By Shar

This is to add on to Shanti’s post last week. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary fiction. I guess I’ve become addicted to it more than other genres. When I was younger, I liked fantasy, magical books. Then came dystopian. And while I still love both these genres a lot, I think right now I mostly prefer contemporary.  in terms of YA genres my current rankings are:

1. Contemporary

2. Dystopian/ apoalypse

3. Sci-fi

4. fantasy

5. Classic? (it depends on the definition of a classic)

According to Google, contemporary is ‘living or occurring in the present’ .

Some contemporary novels I have read recently are : Zac and Mia (Aussie tfios), a little something different ( adoroable love story similar to fangirl), Love and other foreign words ( hard to describe but I think the main character’s a lot like me), the Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet (modern day Pride and Prejudice), Lola and the Boy next door (anna and the french kiss 2.0, the title is the main plot), the ZigZag effect and Falling into place (kind of like 13 reasons why, but very poignant)

Contemporary fiction is easy. The writer does not need to waste words creating new setting, new scenes, new technologies, or generally introducing foreign contexts. The setting feels familiar because we know it. It’s our own neighbourhood, our own time and place. But it doesn’t contain ordinary people. No, this is a world where things don’t just happen because of decisions. Each action fits into a higher purpose, aka the plot outline. everything fits into place. Contemporary fiction can remind us of the beauty and sweetness of real life, and that our own lives have their own plot as well. Each of our actions, and other people’s response to them, is a part of God’s purpose for us.

I like how contemporary can have characters that have limitations, mere mortals confined by boundaries that affect us too. Unlike fantastical or futuristic fiction, it is easier to empathise with characters. They are so close to our own hearts, yet achingly far away. They can inspire us to live our life differently or exactly these same. But contemporary characters can live in a completely different world. We can learn about people in hospital beds with cancer or magical european cities while lying on our couch.  So contemporary fiction can also teach us about our world, and it’s nuances. It can expose us to perspectives entirely different from our own, or expose incredible kindred spirits.

In conclusion, contemporary fiction is beautifully real, but still brings us to a different world with new characters and perspectives.

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