Something slightly different

By Shar

Shanti has been nagging me to stop just posting reviews.

Here is my review this week:

Read A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall just do if you like contemporary romance it’s the most adorable thing ever!

It’s basically just a simple romance but told from 14 points of view that are not the entirely shippable Lea and Gabe.

This week I have also read Where She went (follow up to If I Stay, cliched ending), Counting by 7s( an alternate version of mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine, fraught with symbolism, slightly cliched) and I’m working on The Ultimate Truth by Kevin Brooks (basically a less well-trained Alex Rider)

For my birthday I bought or read (the ukulele is just a bonus)


So my creative post is my list on how to be a sibling (not necessarily a good one, mind you)

The Beginners guide to being a Sibling

  1. Be annoying. All the time. It’s within your rights, and you don’t have to worry about ruining your relationship because you’re stuck with each other for life.
  2. Never forget that. You are stuck with each other for life. That means you should never do something so extreme that you can never talk to each other again. You can be friends… or at least ‘allies, which is a great deal more effective.’ (get it? GET IT??? Please understand this reference)
  3. Always, ALWAYS, embarrass your brother of sister in front their friends/boyfriend/girlfriend. While doing this keep in mind: a) baby photos b) stupid stories c) their secret (and private) obsession with picking their nose/eating their scabs/walking around in their undies in the weekends.

WARNING: Anger Hazard. Courses of this action will incite vindictive revenge. The Shar takes no responsibility for the dangers brought about by taking this expert advice

  1. Never tattle. It may be really fun to tell voices of authority about everybody else’s misdemeanours, but it will make your precious brothers or sisters hate you even more than they might already from previous advice you may have followed. Besides, let’s face it, your parents usually don’t give a damn.
  2. The best place to have a big ego is with family. Be loud! Tell them how great you are! Make sure the competition (aka your genius brother/virtuoso sister) is scared off by when you ran down to the beach to fight off an evil killer shark! (oh wait, you live in doubly landlocked Uzbekistan)
  3. Alliances are always temporary. Even when you gang up against your parents/ another sibling/ your annoying little cousins to booby trap their door/ win an argument over which flavour of icecream to get/ become a tickle contest team. Keep a truce up with the opposing side in preparation for this eventuality.
A beautiful view
A beautiful view
  1. Siblings are often good recipients of fangirling. Parents…. Not so much (*bemused glance as Shanti goes crazy over a random fictional character they know nothing about* )is what happens in my family.
  2. Remember you all have to survive your family’s particular brand of crazy until and after you leave home, and siblings are the only support you can get. (*mother walks in wearing only undies*)

NOTE : This advice must all be taken in fun. Siblings are some of the most amazing people to know and greatest practices in being a good human being. Try not to actually be this annoying and cruel all the time to your siblings, especially the adorable little ones.

PS. We can’t always be photogenic okay? Sorry about the crazy faces!


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