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In the last week-ish I have read some really fascinating books. I’m just going to post short, reaction-y ideas about them here.

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Such a perfect ending. I will admit that I wish that the love triangle/square/dodecahedron(jk) had been resolved differently because (spoiler redacted). This was the last book in the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. The writing is amazing. This is the last line: “they lived an ordinary life filled with ordinary things, if love can ever be called that”. The third person parts are the best.

Prodigy by Marie Lu

I love how actiony and awesome June and Day are. I haven’t gotten the third book because if I did it would kill my exams.

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

I loved the production design details and deep characters in this fairly light book.

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I probably shouldn’t have read this again. But I did. Stuff that stuck out to me: the strong setting, the seamless switches between points of view and the delightful differences to the original fairytale.

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

This book was perfectly paced. It got weird slowly. But in a good way. the dress on the cover looks thoroughly impractical.

the actual point of todays post is a fanfiction that I wrote. This is a prequel to a prequel of Marissa Meyers book Cinder, which she wrote a short story for on Wattpad, and I wrote a shorter story about Cinders journey to Beijing because not enough (not any?) dystopian books are set in India. You can find Glitches here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/10535656-glitches , but read at least book one first. DSC00156

Enjoy Linh Garans Mumbai. * contains spoilers for Scarlet*

The market was busy, and Garan felt hot. It had been much cooler in the European Federation. The girl- the princess- was gazing around with wide eyes, admiring the fish sellers and the grimy sea.

“I’m hungry” she said easily.

“Oh” replied Garan, “Uh, there’s a fruit market over here.”

It was actually his second visit to Mumbai. They had come here so that Sunita Agarwal could hack into the Commonwealths system, and have Linh Cinder registered as an official citizen. The train to New Beijing left in about two hours. They walked into the bustling fruit market. Garan could see Selene-no, Cinder, now, marveling at the fruit, the fast Marathi, and the colourful sari’s and kurta’s around them. He bought her a pomegranate and two mangoes, his favourite fruit. She sat down on the stone cobbles, cracking the pomegranate open and looking towards the greasy harbour. Her feet sat awkwardly, still adjusting to the metal. Her eyes blurred as they focused on something on their retina display.

He couldn’t help but wonder about how this girl would fit in with Pearl and Peony, his perfectly ordinary little girls. He knew that there was a lot of prejudice about cyborgs. Adri knew about the adoption- she had reluctantly agreed to it-but she did not know Cinder’s true identity. He figured that the fewer people that knew, the safer it would be. He did not see how it would work out for Cinder, but he knew that he would support her. Anything to get rid of Levana’s tyranny.

“May I ask you something?” blurted Cinder.

Garan startled, pulled from his reverie. “What?”

Her voice was hesitant, still adjusting to use. “Why are you taking me in? Why did you come so far to find me?

This was not what Garan had been expecting. But he did his best to answer anyway.

“Well, Michelle, the woman who you are staying with, is my friend. And you needed a safe place to live- it was quite hard for Michelle to have you and work at her farm. And I have two girls quite close to your age, and I know about cyborgs. Look Sel-Cinder- I just want you to have a good home. And if I have to travel to Europe to do that, then so be it.”

She said nothing for a few minutes. Then, softly, her voice cracking, she whispered


“ I need to go and see Sunita. Can you stay here for half and hour? Then we need to go back on the train.”

He walked away then, footsteps echoing on the stones, leaving her sitting there, eating pomegranate seeds one by one and inhaling the scent of the fishy ocean, waiting for her new life to begin.

 -story ends-

I’m not sure how good this is, so feel free to give me feedback 🙂


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