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Discussion: Is Cursed Child Canon?

I read Cursed Child this week. It’s a highly controversial book, and I’ve seen plenty of positive and negative reviews, as well as ‘I am so reading this”s to ‘I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole (or a shorter pole. Or my hand.’ First, for people who don’t know: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child… Continue reading Discussion: Is Cursed Child Canon?

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Little Review: Things we know by heart

Hi Virtually Readers! I’m actually away and being disorganised/running around like a headless chicken (currently one of my favourite phrases because it basically=my life). Also some people (*ahem* parents ) told me to post more negative reviews so okay. (Oh yeah btw today is our birthday! even though this is a scheduled post. Shanti and… Continue reading Little Review: Things we know by heart